Starting Your Own Garden is Super Grown Up Fun Today!

Starting Your Own Garden is Super Grown Up Fun Today!

Article by Lucky Sweet

You probably played in the dirt a lot as a kid. You dug up the earth, created castles, and drove toy cars on the small dirt roads. As a child, being allowed to play in the yard may have allowed you to have a grand imagination where you dreamed of adventures in other worlds. When we grow up, it is difficult to find time to play in the dirt. That is why so many adults work so hard at starting a garden. As gardeners, you have reasons to get outside and work in the dirt however often your heart desires. If you have been thinking about starting your own garden, here are some of the things you should do to ensure that your garden is a success.

Almost every garden requires the gardener to do some planning before they plant. The simple fact is that it takes time for plants to grow and you need to plant them during specific times of the year if you really want them to grow. You can probably grow a few flowers when you feel like it. But if you really want your garden to thrive you’ll have to start your gardening work long in advance of your planting and harvesting. Some plants require planting months before they bloom. Some plants don’t bloom for an entire year after they are planted. Be prepared to make a commitment in order to have gardening success. If you want your garden to be great you need to be patient. There is no getting around it, you are going to have to be patient because it can take quite a while before you see any real evidence of the work that you have done. The only way to avoid having to wait for this period to pass is to buy seedlings that are already sprouted from a nursery. If you don’t want to spend any money on plants that you don’t grow yourself you will have to be patient and keep up on your garden maintenance while you wait for your seeds to sprout and flourish. Don’t freak out if it takes a long time (weeks or months) before you start to see any real topsoil activity from your plants.

If you are looking for easy plants to grow, check out some of the “easy” lists that are available online and at gardening shops. Cosmos, Russian sage, zinnias, coneflowers and black eyed Susans are also fairly easy to grow.

Even if this is your very first garden you can choose from other plants–these easy to grow plants are not a requirement for first gardens. These are just the easiest plants to begin with when you are new to gardening. Before you try to grow picky plants, you should make sure that you have success with “simple” plants. Everybody can start a garden. If you want to have a good garden, you need to take a few steps to make sure that your approach to gardening is correct. If you want your garden to flourish you should plan your garden out ahead of time and learn how to care for your plants before you plant them. If you want to have more fun when you garden you need to learn everything you can about keeping your garden plot healthy and map out a regular care routine for your plants. You might even find that you look forward to playing in your garden every day!

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