The Omega Garden, The Ideal Commercial Hydroponic System or For The Indoor Grower

The Omega Garden, The Ideal Commercial Hydroponic System or For The Indoor Grower

In today’s world if there is space we will fill it and now with less and less space to grow, vast acres of farmland are hard to come by. Not to mention the environmental strain the farming puts on the land and our resources. But with the Omega Garden there is always room to grow. . .up! That’s why the Omega Garden is such a wonderful method of vertical farming, which I’ll discuss in greater detail later. The Omega Garden is a rotating hydroponic garden that can be used just about anywhere. It comes in a variety of sizes so there is a unit for every type of grower from the apartment dweller to the commercial farmer. It is THE ideal commercial hydroponics system.

The Omega Garden is a cylindrical unit that rotates around a light source so that all plants maintain the same level of lumens while being supplied with the proper amount of nutrients from a tray at the bottom. The Omega Garden rotates the plants continuously, as the plants rotate into the tray the roots are dipped into the nutrient solution supplying the plant with food and water. The Omega Garden utilizes less resources than a traditional plot of farmland. The nutrient solution is reused over and over as the plants rotate so there is less water used and it definitely uses less electricity. The Complete Omega Garden utilizes less than 1300 watts of power while at the same time yielding a 3-5 times larger crop than other growing methods from 50-300 plants, depending on the variety of plant you chose to grow.

The Omega Garden relies on a concept they have named orbitropism based on geotropism which is when auxins which are plant growth hormones that aid in plant growth and strength. As the Omega Garden rotates the auxins are distributed evenly throughout the plant instead of being pulled downward from the effects of gravity. The rotation and the even distribution of the auxins allows the plants to grow stronger much faster.

But not only does the Omega Garden maximize your growth rate while minimizing the consumption of electricity it also is environmentally friendly. Vertical farming with the Omega Garden is an important step in saving what little land we have left. We are already using the 80% of available farm land and 15% of that land has been ruined due to poor land management. As the population grows we can already see that we have nowhere left to grow more food. But with vertical farming and the increase of the population living in urban areas we can farm indoors in any area at any time of the year. This can greatly increase our food supply while at the same time decrease the strain on our dwindling resources. Vertical farming with the Omega Garden is also more economical since there is less crop loss, less power used, less manpower needed, and less water used. So with the Omega Garden you get more product for less money! Use this commercial hydroponic system for your commercial farming needs or simply grow your own veggies at home in your garage or basement.

The Complete Omega Garden comes with just about everything you need to get started for . The assembly is easy and it is even on wheels so you can move the garden if needed. With the Omega Garden you can grow more, pay less, and feel good about yourself for helping to contribute to the new wave in farming by vertically growing.

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