Which Gardening Tools Are Really Appropriate?

Which Gardening Tools Are Really Appropriate?

Article by Arthur Depardie

It is certainly possible to put together a lovely garden without needing a lot of expensive equipment but having the correct gardening tools can help you save a lot of time. Obviously you can use your hands for digging holes but why bother when you can use your garden trowel to do it for you. No matter what you want to do, having the right tools is very important.

When you are a beginning gardener, however, figuring out which tools are essential can be difficult. If you want to grow a gorgeous garden, here are some of the most important tools that you should buy.

No matter how experienced you are as a gardener, beginners and experts alike should have gardening shears and pruners on hand. Like tools of other kinds, there are many different sizes of pruners and shears. Pruners and shears are good for removing the damaged and dead parts of the different plants in your garden. Doing this type of cutting can help keep your plants healthy. If you are thinking of growing a bunch of flowers, keep these shears and pruners in your tool box so that, when you want to, you can create cuttings and clippings of your flowers. You can start whole new plants from clippings. Cut flowers can also be used as household decorations once the flowers have blossomed.

Kneelers are great tools to have on hand. Most gardening involves spending a lot of time crouching or on your hands and needs. Garden kneelers can easily be constructed from spare pieces of Styrofoam or other cushy materials-anything to provide a soft barrier between your knees and the ground. If you don’t have these things on hand you can buy specially made gardening mats. Kneelers protect your knees while you are gardening. You can also protect your clothing from wear and tear by using mats and kneelers.

Every gardener should have a hovel. You can purchase a long handled or short handled hovel. A hovel is a shovel with a rounded point. Short handled hovels aid in your balance as you work and many gardeners prefer them to the longer handled hovels that are available.

You will use your hovel almost totally for digging holes. When you want to transport a plant, dig it up using your hovel: the rounded tip keeps it from getting tangled in root systems or accidentally damaging the root bulb of the plant. Hovels can also be used to tamp down dirt as you move your plants or do your seed planting. Gardening is a fantastic hobby (and occupation). The tools you see in the gardening department at your local department store (or at the local nursery) are going to become more tempting as you learn about gardening. Don’t rush out and buy everything right away-start with a few simple tools that every gardener needs. As you get more experience with gardening you will figure out which gardening tools you need and which are only luxuries.

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