No Green Fingers? Try These Low Maintenance Garden Ideas

We all want a beautiful garden to spend time in at home, but not everyone is the green-fingered type. While gardening can be really relaxing and enjoyable for some, others prefer something more low maintenance.

If this sounds like you there’s no need to fret, there are lots of ways you can ensure a gorgeous garden without having to dedicate every spare minute to looking after it!

Use Perennial Bulbs and Seeds

When you take a look around the garden centre, you will notice that some plants, bulbs and seeds will be labelled ‘annual’ and others ‘perennial’. Go for perennials, these will continue to flower year in year out so you don’t have to keep buying and planting up flowers in your beds, pots and borders.

Annuals on the other hand will only last for one year which is fine if you like gardening but not great if you’re after low maintenance. If you choose seeds, bulbs and plants that flower at different times of year, your garden will always be full of colour with no additional effort needed from you. Just as one lot are dying off, another lot will be springing into full bloom.

Take a look on the back of the packet of bulbs or seeds, and it will tell you the months they will be in flower. Don’t forget to add winter flowering plants as well as evergreens too. This will keep the garden looking great right through the coldest months.

Lay Artificial Grass

Lawns look great, they add lots of greenery to the yard and are lovely and soft to sit and sunbathe on in the summer. But they can be hard work. They can flood, go patchy, suffer diseases and pests and need constant mowing over the warmer months to keep them looking good.

If you don’t have the time or energy  to maintain a lawn you could look into artificial grass. It can look just as good as the real thing but with no maintenance involved- what could be better?

If you currently have ugly concrete or slabs in your garden and it’s too expensive or impractical to remove it then artificial grass is a great option. You can learn more about fake grass online to decide if it’s right for you.

Cover Over Soil To Prevent Weeds

Flower beds, pots and borders look fantastic but there’s a hitch. Weeds. Turn your back for five minutes and they start sprouting up, and can really take the look off your garden. If you don’t want to be spending your weekends tirelessly pulling weeds there is a solution.

Once your plants are in place, cover around everything and over the exposed soil. I’d recommend you combine weed control fabric with bark chippings, slate or gravel. Your covering can come in variety of different colours so can look really nice and match the theme of your garden.

The good news is the seeds and bulbs you have planted will still come through, but the amount of weeds will be drastically reduced.

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