Revolutionise The Way You Garden

The great thing about gardening is the fact that it is a task that has remained the same for centuries. By digging your fingers into the soil, you join generations of garden lovers who have done the same. However, there are things that you can do that they couldn’t that can revolutionise the way you do your gardening.

With new tech, advancements in knowledge of plants, and the ability to manipulate the elements can take your gardening to the next level. Meaning that your garden will flourish more and can help you to reduce the time you spend breaking your back, and more time enjoying your garden.

Don’t Be Defined By Season

The traditional time to get your gardening done is in the spring, and it makes sense as this is the time where more plants bloom, the bees are getting active, and the weather starts warming up. But you should be preparing your garden through autumn and winter. Protect delicate plants with covers and case, and layer flower beds with wood chipping to stop any frost from cutting through.

Evergreen trees are great to keep your garden green in the winter, and provides much needed homes for animals who don’t hibernate. You can go as far as to buy polymer tents for your trees and shrubs to ensure that they stay warm and, through directed condensation, get the right amount of water to the roots, rather than it getting stopped by frost coated soil.

Go Hydro

If your garden has soil low in minerals, you can avoid using it completely. Hydroponics  growing uses mineral nutrient solutions to feed the plants in water, without soil, so you can grow an amazing garden without having to re-haul your garden. This is also a great way to gain a flourishing garden when you don’t have any grass, or much space.

Free Grow

Allowing parts of your garden to grow at its own pace creates a natural and beautiful area. This works particularly well in larger gardens, and country gardens. You can do this with you whole garden, a part of it, or just let it grow wild over the months you’re not using it.

If you don’t want to let it grow completely independently, then why not introduce some wildness into your garden by planting wildflowers, plants perfect for local wildlife, and even a bee hotel and bird box or two.

Inject Nutrients

If your soil is lacking, then you can inject some of the much needed nutrients right into the ground, in the form of specialised fertiliser. Traditional manure is great for most gardens, but sometimes you do need to use the benefits of the twenty-first century and use soil that has been purposefully designed with all the things your plants need. On top of that, you can use CO2 sprays and [amazon_textlink asin=’B073GRNGRM’ text=’heat lamps’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’eace096a-dc13-11e7-b472-93bc992ead27′] to add a boost to plants that need it.

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