What is a good gardening book for Southern California?

Abbey’s Apprentice asks: What is a good gardening book for Southern California?
I wanted to start a vegetable or even a fruit garden and did not have any idea on how to begin. I’m looking for a good beginner’s vegetable gardening book that is focused on Southern California- any suggestions would be helpful, thanks so much!

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Answer by FarmCzar
The Sunset Western Garden Book is the Bible for all California gardeners. It has extensive information on all the microclimate zones in both southern and northern California, and what to plant there. It has an indispensable plant encyclopedia with information on thousands of plants, as well as plant lists (with pictures) for particular gardening situations (e.g., coastal gardens, shade, dry inland gardens, high desert, etc.). If you don’t have one, get one, you’ll use it probably more than any book specific to southern California.

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