Decorative Garden Stepping Stones in Your Garden

Decorative Garden Stepping Stones in Your Garden

Decorative garden stepping stones are an excellent way to beautify and protect your garden. You can place decorative garden stepping stones upon well-traveled parts of your garden so that the unsightliness of a worn-down grassy area is avoided. Decorative garden stepping stones make walking in the garden easier even as they make it more attractive. They can be placed in such a way as to guide the walkers where you would like them to go for them to see your favorite parts of the garden such as a fountain, a flower bed, or a decorative plaque. They add class and a semblance of order and intelligent design to the garden.

Decorative garden stepping stones used as a path should be flat enough that they can be walked over with or without shoes on. To this end, there are now available many types of stepping stones made from recycled plastic or rubber material that give the appearance of actual stone. If you are a purist and absolutely must have the real thing, make sure that your stones are smooth and they aren’t raised much above the ground level base. Be sure that the ground where you’ll be emplacing the stones has been leveled and compacted. You can utilize a gravel bed between and under the stones so that stepping over them is smooth and will not injure an unclad foot.

There is such a wide array of available decorative garden stepping stones that you’ll have no trouble finding some that enhance your current garden décor and personal tastes. Take your time making your selection. There are many irresistible stepping stones available with textured relief designs that you will want to place amongst your plantings as they are not suited for stepping on.

When you design your decorative stone path, you should consider having it wend its way past a garden plaque. A garden plaque is a subtle way of enhancing or even telling people about your garden. Some people like to use a garden plaque that is a relief of some religious theme such as angels or old-time gods and goddesses. Another person may have a garden plaque in the form of  an animal theme such as squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, deer, elk, and so on. Yet another garden may feature a garden plaque that reflects something about the gardener’s personality-a guitar, a sailboat, an airplane, or any object that reflects one of the gardener’s passions.

You can also put a garden plaque on a stand that features words and possibly diagrams to read. These words may express something personal like the objects mentioned above or other ideas like Bible verses or some philosophical proverbs. This kind of garden plaque may also instruct the visitor about certain flowers, plants, and trees in the garden, or talk about some part of the garden or the property that it’s on that has historical significance.

The choices of both plaques and stones are nearly endless. Take your time and browse many different ideas until you find those that are “just right” for your particular garden. 


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