Free Guide To Buying Garden Furniture

Free Guide To Buying Garden Furniture

Buying Garden Furniture

Your garden is an extension of your home, and creating an outdoor living room is an easy way to add extra space to any home. All you have to do is choose the right garden furniture.

So, just as you choose a sofa or a dining set, you want to make the right decision when it comes to choosing your garden furniture. There are two major factors to bear in mind: what do you want your furniture for, and what materials will your garden furniture be made of.

Who will use your garden furniture?

First, think about how you will use your garden furniture. Are you going to have lots of barbecues and larger gatherings, or is your garden a haven for just the two of you? Or maybe you have a larger garden, and want to create several seating areas – one for dining, one for catching the late evening sun where you can relax with a book, and a secluded little area where you can enjoy a morning coffee and a magazine once everyone else has gone off to school or work.

Dining sets for the garden

For those barbecues, think about a large rectangular table (36-46in), which will comfortably seat 4 or 6 people. Dining-style chairs with high backs (and cushions) will be more comfortable.

Folding garden furniture

If space is limited, and you don’t think you’ll use your larger garden furniture on a regular basis, think about choosing chairs and tables that can be folded up, and stacked in a garage or shed. Folding chairs are useful when you have extra guests.

Table for two

For an intimate arrangement, bistro tables are a great choice. A round table with two chairs is perfect for popping out for that summer drink or cup of coffee and won’t take up too much space. You could add a couple more folding chairs in case you have extra visitors.


Curl up in a garden arbour

For an attractive seating area off a garden path or next to a beautiful border, a garden arbour bench is perfect. The bench is usually big enough for two (or one, curled up with a good book), and growing climbing plants around it can enhance its beauty. For a quick effect, choose annual climbers such as sweet peas, which will form a scented haven, or a Clematis Montana, which by its second year will be rioting over your arbour, regaling it in pale pink/white flowers. A slower growing climber, such as ivy or Russian vine can be planted at the same time.

What will your garden furniture be made of?

The style of your garden, your budget, and storage facilities will dictate what your garden furniture will be made of.

Mixed materials

For a stylish contemporary look, go for garden furniture comprising wood, metal and glass. Colourful all-weather material will really make a statement.

Hardwood garden furniture

Hardwood such as teak, oak and ash is the most durable choice for wooden garden furniture. Make sure your garden table and chairs comes from a recognised supplier who’s a member of the WWF Global Forest and Trade Network or FSC. To keep it looking its best, wooden garden furniture should be protected from the elements (store in a shed or garage over winter, or invest in some good-quality garden furniture covers) and treated regularly with wood preserver. But wooden garden furniture can also be left outside all year round if you want it to weather naturally.

Softwood garden furniture

Softwood garden furniture, such as pine, is beautiful in most gardens, though particularly suited to more rural, cottage-style environments. Ensure that your chosen garden furniture is made with wood from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Look out for the FSC logo.

Aluminium and metal garden furniture

If you want low-maintenance garden furniture, metal garden furniture is for you. It’s easy to just wipe clean and metal and aluminium garden furniture can be left outside in any weather conditions.

Glass garden furniture On a cloudy day (and we have a few of those!) glass garden furniture will reflect any sun there is, adding light to a shady area. It’s also easy to maintain – just wipe clean.

Resin furniture

Resin garden furniture is a good budget option. It’s easy to clean and lightweight.

Garden furniture accessories


To shade a garden dining table – or even keep off those spots of rain, a parasol is essential. Look out for some fantastic coloured-parasols this year, or stick to classic dark green or cream.

Garden chair cushions

Even the most comfortable garden furniture will benefit from a bit of padding. Adding a new set of cushions is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to update your garden furniture.

Garden furniture buying guide Q&A

I’m short on space? Can I still have garden furniture?

Think about buying a folding garden table and chairs. It can be moved out of the way if the children want a game of football.

How about garden furniture for a sunbathing fan?

Look for a recliner or lounger. Both have several positions, so you can sit more upright if you’re reading, or lie back for a snooze in the sun.

Where will the children sit?

If you have a large family, or have lots of young visitors, you might like to buy them their own garden furniture. There are some wonderful colourful garden furniture sets around for children, with matching chairs, tables and parasols, all built on a miniature scale. If children are going to sit on adult garden furniture, choose solid, stable chairs that are hard to tip over, and with rounded edges to prevent knocks and bumps. Washable cushions are a good idea too!

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