Gardening Information – Add Color and Variety with Container Plants

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Gardening Information – Add Color and Variety with Container Plants

Container Gardening Tips for Newbies

Even if you are a city person in the center of everything, container gardens an add a real splash of color and life on a busy street, rooftop, or balcony. You can make any space be it patio living room or rooftop more inviting and refreshing with beautiful containers of flowers and green foliage. No only will you be delighted at the effect of adding a plant here and there or grouping containers where there is space for a garden area, you will also have the enjoyment of choosing, planting and taking care of your plants.

The really cool thing is you can vary the color scheme of any area with flowers, the color of your choice to fit your mood. When the plant is done blossoming you can always replace it with another annual or store the container till next season. You may choose to harmonize or contrast colors and heights of your plants. You get to choose the shape and texture of leaves, tall thin leaves can contrast short wide ones the variety is endless. If you have the space you can
you can germinate seeds and start new plants. With containers and electric lighting you can garden all year round.

The containers themselves permit you to flex your creative muscles and really let yourself go. You can of course go to the store and buy the containers and there is a wide variety of pre-painted and decorated pots available. You may also use old bowls or urns you can create your own with tiles and wood there again, no limits to what you can do.

If you do buy ready-made pots terracotta look great and many are brightly painted to add a festive atmosphere without plants. If you like you can use dried flowers and make a beautiful corner piece, no watering, no fuss. Cheap plastic pots can be hand painted as you desire. You must have some saucers for the bottoms so water doesn’t damage or stain your floors and window sills. Don’t forget the benefits and possibilities of family togetherness or “quality” time when gardening. You spouse and children can all get in on the fun.

Good quality potting mix is available for your containers and insures you plants are happy and well fed. You will see signs of yellowing if you over-water or if the plants need more nutrition.

Healthy plants on the ends of each step leading to the front and back doors are pleasant can colorful ways to add a sense of welcome and hospitality to your home. Depending on your personality you can plan on where you want o put a flower decide which kind and color and then order the plant and have it delivered or you can order a bunch of plants and then decide where they fit the best. The “shotgun” method. You should at least have an idea of whether you want sun lovers or plants requiring shade, however or you may waste some money of plants that won’t do well fo you.

Try different combination of plants together in groups of even and odd numbers and see what you like many say that groups of odd numbers are more attractive but I think it is up to you. Say isn’t that just so.. you decide which flowers, which pots, where you place them, how many you place, boy are you feeling the power here?

No doubt you will have a garden your friends will admire and, sadly, some poor souls will envy, boo-hoo.

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