Gardening things to do in winter

Gardening things to do in winter

We all need a few tips to help us along from time to time, including myself.

It makes you wonder how some of us actually manage with any time of the year if we have a large garden.

Ok, so here are a few basic tips to be getting on with;

until they no longer ripen, something a lot of us forget when winter gardening.

and brush sharp sand into spiked holes, and dont forget to give your lawn some autumn feed as this is about your last chance to do this, dont forget, you will have to continue to mow your lawn but you may have to raise the blades a little in your mower.

If your garden gets covered in falling leaves just gather them up and chuck them on the compost. Keep picking the heads of your roses if you have any as they can actually flower until Christmas time, amazing I know but these can make your look nice, especially if you have enough of them.

It is also a good time for dividing your hardy perennials.

It is a good time now to be planting your spring cabbage but do remember to cover them with a net unless you really want to fatten up the local pigeons, and dont forget about your autumn garlic and onion sets.

You may also want to dig up any potatoes you have left as they wont last long during the frosty months.

An obvious tip that so many of us forget about is to put a little grease of some kind on any rubber bands you have on your trees.

This is a good time to give the glass in your greenhouse a good clean ready for the following spring, that will be the last thing you want to think about.

Its no good waiting until you actually need to use your heaters to find out they dont work, so check they work now.

When your summer bedding plants have finished flowering you will need to throw them away.

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