How to deter a fox getting into my garden?

Claire asks: How to deter a fox getting into my garden?
I live in a town and have a small front and rear garden. Last n ight a fox dug a hole under the fence at the front and got into the rear garden. There is only one place where this is possible and the fox found it! I know it was a fox from the smell on the ground – quite pungent! I have raked the soil back in place and put some stones along the edge of the close boarded fence as well as another large piece of timber. If it really wanted to, it could no doubt burrow under there again, but I was wondering if there was a quick fix answer of something that might deter it – preferrably something organic. I have no idea why it wanted to get into my garden, the dustbins are well secured and there is no food debris. I have a dog and it could be that she has buried something that the fox wants to get to, but who knows. Any advice gratefully received.

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