What should I plant in my new garden, alot of advice?

kitty asks: What should I plant in my new garden, alot of advice?
I’m going to plant a garden in march, I want to plat some vectables, and flowers, what should I grow, I was thinking carrots, onions, potatoes, and tomatoes, and what else should I plant, and what kind of flowers should I plant, and what do they look like, thanks and have a nice day.
I want alot of ideas, so I can also give some to my friend’s and neigbers nexted store.

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Answer by Carl J
i think maybe a bush courgette and maybe some flowers such as roses irisis or forget me nots

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  1. regardless of what you do, plant the onions with the flowers, and not with the other veggies, or they’ll all end up tasting like onion. also, starting your plants (tomatoes and flowers) inside in march would probably be the best idea, and not planting the others until later. black eyed suzans are easy to grow a beautiful. (http://www.cirrusimage.com/Flower/black-eyed_susan_03.jpg)
    also try zabrina, Bachelor buttons, Orange California poppy, and cosmos. alleasy to grow and maintain

  2. As far as vegetables go, you have a pretty good variety of the basics.
    Some more to consider which will complement what you have, would be: Bell peppers (various colors), banana peppers, cabbage, okra, cantaloupes, cabbage, green beans, lima beans, field peas or blackeye peas, and greens such as turnip, collards, and mustard.
    I realize that personal taste may keep you from planting some of these, but they will help the ones you listed to cross-pollinate, and whatever you don’t want, can usually be sold to a local produce stand or some small grocery stores.

    For flowers and plants: azaleas (bush with various color flowers – pink, white, red, orange, violet), sunflowers (tall with yellow flower/brown “eye”), gladiolas (rather tall flower – orange, pink, white, and red), pansies (short flower – vivid blues, reds, and purples), and marigolds (short flower – orange and yellow shades).

    Hope this helps!!! Good Luck with your green thumb!!!

    Additional: As far as planting the onions with the other vegetables, it will have no effect on the taste of them!

  3. You plant what you want, what you use, and what you like. Why are you asking complete strangers what you should plant?

  4. Well it really depends on where in the US you live. My advice on the potatoes is to grow them in a garbage can. That way when its harvest time, you just tip it over and voila, no digging. As for what you have stated, carrots, onions, tomatoes…. Also look at doing some corn, watermelon, strawberries, and later on when its closer to Summer, pumpkins and squash. Try to do a rotating harvest if you really get into it. All you gotta do is read the planting schedules on the seed packets. Lettuce, soybeans, broccoli, spinach….. I’m telling you the list is really endless, so long as where you live doesnt get too cold, or too hot.

    Oh and another thing…..

    Visit these sites, my dad used them for years, and now I use them too. Totally worth taking a look at.



    Also, dont be afraid to go to your local nursery and ask what works best in your area. If you can get away with using native plants, all the better. Less watering, and again, depending on where you live, they look great.

  5. Hi,
    My first garden would be to plant the stuff that will grow on poles or cages, like pea vines and tomatoes. Put them where they’ll get plenty of sun from where your garden is oriented. Tomatoes need lots of sun.
    Since the tomatoes and pea vines will be in cages or on poles position them on the side or in back of the other plants. The onions can go just about anwhere.
    I’d plant the flowers daylilies, vinca., up close to where one can see them better.

  6. In your vegetable section, be sure to plant Marigolds between vegetables to ward off
    bugs. Wire cages support the weight of
    tomato plants: smaller round cage for Roma,
    and Lg for beefsteak tomato plants.
    Your local nursery can guide you in choice of
    what flowers grow best in your climate, some
    require sun / semi-shade in colors you love. Better Homes & Gardens mag has good layout
    suggestions, ideas & photos.

  7. Go for landscape artificial in nature having drip irrigation or sprinkler irrigation

  8. easy flowers are marigolds, which keep some bugs away, zinnias, and purple cone flowers (echinacea). if you plan on growing tomatos try planting basil among them.
    if you are growing from seed, i would recommend starting them indoors in march and moving them outside a few weeks later. but this would also depend on where you live
    best of luck to you

  9. Have you ever played Sims? Try to use that simulation game as training and try to plan the looks and layout for your garden. Then if your done, Try to order some flowers and plants from the internet, and build your own piece of heaven.

  10. I always plant Tomatoes, Squash and Cucumbers. I Have planted Tulips they bloom early Spring, and in the Summer I have Iris’s, Lilac Bushs (they smell so good) and Crepe Myrtles are a favorite here in the South. As for a Border around your home, plant some Annuals to give it a Lovely Yard appeal, in amongst some minature Azaleas, or box woods.

  11. well, if it is a small garden, i would leave out the potatoes. you could plant peppers, corn. cucumbers, summer squash, radishes, zuchini squas, . a good thing for you to do is go to the library, or find a book in a book store on companion planting. some things grow better together than others, and there are SOME flowers that are beneficial to vegetable gardens,. and you need to know how far apart to plant different vegetables. easy to find and do. good luck. been there, done that.

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