How do I look after my herbs during the autumn and winter?

Morecambe, not Dennis Wise asks: How do I look after my herbs during the autumn and winter?
They are in pots at the moment, I don’t have a greenhouse to take them into. I’m a bit of a gardening novice so any advice is appreciated.
I’ve got parsley, basil and oregano. They aren’t very well established yet.

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You need to protect them from the cold & frost, can you put them in the house, but in a cool place, not too hot.

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  1. Well, since they are in pots, you can bring them inside. It also depends on the type of herbs you have. For example, I have lavender, thyme, and oregano. These herbs are in my garden, so I don’t bring them in, and I believe they like the season change (just my opinion) so I cover them very well with the dried leaves that fall from trees and leave them be. When the next season comes, there always is some of the plant that looks dead, but they all revive quickly and grow immensely!
    You could stick your herbs in the ground now, and by the time frost and winter comes, they should be established enough to make the winter season.
    Or, you can bring in your herbs and maybe put them in a darker, colder spot with minimal light, like a basement. This will let them know it’s ‘winter’ and I would drastically reduce watering. (like once every other week). They will go dormant, and then when spring rolls around, just re-pot them (for nutritional purposes) and put them back out! Herbs (though not all) are perennials, so they sort of need this ‘break’ from growing, just as the trees do. If you do the latter, don’t worry if the plants look like they are dying. They sort of do die in winter, but the bulb will continue to soak in water and necessary nu trition for the next season.

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