I need advice on getting rid of some creepy worms in my house!?

bamagirl asks: I need advice on getting rid of some creepy worms in my house!?
The weather has been extremely dry in my area & lately I have been getting these long worms in my house. I’m not sure what they are called but they are really flat, dark brown, segmented, have jillions of legs, & move like a snake. They’re not centipedes, but look kinda like a smaller, flattened version of them. My mom always said they have a really painful sting, but I’m not 100% sure about that. Does anyone know what worm I’m talking about, and if so, how in the world can I get rid of them? Will regular garden insect pesticide work? They must get in either through the vents or a crack somewhere in the wall.
To Princess Leia: it isn’t a millipede, but it definitely looks like that 1st picture of a European centipede…I think I had my millipedes and centipedes mixed up!!

I sprayed one w/bug spray and it died almost instantly…I was trying to find something to prevent them from actually making it into my house…maybe something to spray or some powder to sprinkle around/under my house. They creep me out!!

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Answer by Princess Leia
They sound like millipedes. Do they curl up in a ball??? Just spray some bug spray where you see them. They are really susceptible to any bug spray. Do they look like any of these??? (see link below)

…We use this spray called Ortho Home Defense Max… It comes in a large gallon spray container. You can find it at any home improvement store, and I’ve even seen the large bottle sold in grocery stores lately. We spray the perimeter of our house at ground level, around all the doors and windows outside, and inside around every baseboard. It’s a little expensive, I think over 20 dollars a bottle, but you should be able to use it at least twice to cover the whole house. Halfway thru the summer I would spray again because outside the rain may wash some of it away. It generally keeps our house bug-free. I haven’t seen a spider all summer long and I found a few dead millipedes, so I guess it kills those too. Our problem is these large centipedes (the really large fast ones with the long legs, ew!!!!), it kills most of them, but I still catch one scurrying around every-so-often. It’s more economical than calling a pest control agency… and all they will do is spray the exact same thing and charge you 35 dollars or more per visit. Good luck!!!

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