What vegetable is this? need a gardeners advice please?

cyberangel77uk asks: What vegetable is this? need a gardeners advice please?
I planted one of them cheap grop boxes in my garden about 2 month ago
I now have something growing but not sure what , it has very long thick stem and has now started to get small flowers on eqach stem which are white and a very dark brown colour
i have no idea what this veg is or when to attempt to pull it up so could really use some advice thanks
single stem , about a foot high at present

am unable to put pics on yahoo answers but can happily email pics if i have email addy

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Answer by Hedge Witch
It is very hard to tell from that description!
When you say very long and thick – is it 2ft tall? 6ft? and thick – can you make a fist around it?
Is the stem woody or is it soft & sappy? Is it a single stem from the ground or does it break into multiple stems (or is it multiple stems all the way out of the earth?)
Any greenery at all on it?

A picture would help!

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  1. Hi

    Please send me photo.

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    Please send a photo there.

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