Need advice about growing raspberry bushes?

MoodyGem asks: Need advice about growing raspberry bushes?
Just added a raspberry bush to the garden it is placed in a full sun spot and I added cow compost and leaves to it. Just wondering about caring for it. I have read some articles that say the main plant dies in two years? Then there are sucker plants that can be replanted? Is this correct and do you have any more information I could use to care for it properly?

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Answer by Jim
No. You may have heard that the fruit only appear after two years, instead.

For a web site that details tips on growing these plants, try here:

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  1. Welcome to the club!
    Yes, each raspberry stalk will live about 2 years; by that time, it will reproduce itself by sending out many underground suckers (new plants). Just let them grow where they shoot up from the ground; if you try to transplant, you may or may not be successful.
    After about 2 years, mature stalks will die, and each spring when the leaves appear on the raspberry stalks, you will need to watch for the dead ones, and break these off at the ground (use a pliars, and thick garden gloves). You may need to prune the tips slightly with some hand pruning clippers.
    In a couple of years, you will have fruiting raspberry plants, so just pick and enjoy them. Every spring I add a bag of sheep manure to my raspberry patch, and I let the fallen leaves stay on the ground in the patch. That acts as a mulch and keeps the moisture in the soil.
    Raspberries need a lot of water, fertilizer or compost and sunlight to produce well.
    Also, late in summer and fall, water them regularly, because this will help the new plants to get a good start and achieve some growth for next spring.
    If it snows, and the branches are bent over to the ground, shake the snow off carefully. This prevents breakage.
    So, all the best with your raspberry patch, and have fun!

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