Countertop Herb Garden

Countertop Herb Garden

There are many benefits to growing your own countertop herb garden: health, physical, mental and monetary to name a few. But perhaps the one you will notice the most is the convenience of snipping off a few needed herb sprigs or leaves that grow within arms reach for your daily cooking.
Growing your own herbs at home on your countertop allows you to provide your family culinary delights without added pesticides or chemical fertilizers. You can control the soil conditions, the growing methods and ensure the healthiest solution for your family’s food. You know where your herbs have come from, who has handled them as they go from your kitchen countertop herb garden to your pot, pan or dish. After all, what is the point of trying to cook healthily when you add herbs or vegetables that have been grown with dangerous pesticides or fertilizers?
Seasoned gardeners already know the mental and physical benefits of herb gardening as well.

It provides an outlet for stress with its relaxing and meditative qualities. Watching a seed go through germination, to seedling to plant and cultivating and tending the process leaves a very rewarding and accomplished feeling. Having your herb garden conveniently located on your countertop makes this process easier. When you come home from a stressful day at work you can relax by watering, pruning or harvesting and drying your countertop herbs.
Shopping for the fresh herbs you need for a new recipe can be difficult. You can’t always find what you are looking for and may have to drive to two or more stores on your quest for herbs for one night’s dinner. When you have several of the herbs you use the most and a few less popular ones for ‘sometimes’ growing right in your kitchen in your countertop herb garden you won’t have to worry about last minute shopping.
Another important benefit of growing your own countertop herb garden is the cost savings on your grocery bill. Fresh and dried herbs can be very expensive. What if you only need a few tablespoons or a quarter cup of chopped parsley or basil? The bundles grocery stores sell their herbs in are often so large that the herbs wilt and go bad before you have the chance to use them up. If you shop organic to avoid the use of pesticides on fresh herbs, the costs are even higher. When you grow your own herbs and snip only the stems or leaves you need and leave the plant to continue to grow and thrive you will always have the freshest herb possible for your food.
Using fresh, organic herbs in your cooking provides your family with many vitamins and nutrients which help the body’s metabolism and immune system. Herbs have many healing properties which aid the different body systems in becoming stronger and healthier.
With so many rewarding and beneficial reasons to grow your own herbs it makes sense to plant a countertop herb garden today. It is an inexpensive hobby and requires little time but pays off with many healthful, physical and monetary rewards.

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