EZ Gardening Tips

EZ Gardening Tips

Gardening is a very rewarding and enjoyable hobby to get involved in. whether you are a complete novice or a die hard pro there is always room to expand. There are many things to keep in mind when first starting a garden one of which is to begin on a small scale. I would suggest an area no bigger then 20×30 feet because this will give you a space where you can grow about 30 plants depending on the size of the various plants. By starting small you can try out your skills and see if enlarging the plot is something you would want to do. Enlarging your garden is something you can always do. Moving from garden hose to fancy sprinkler system is always a blast.

Some useful gardening tips:

The very first thing you want to do is go and find your self the perfect area for your new garden. You should try and find a place that gets sunlight for the better part of the day. Even better would be the whole day. Though if in a place where the climate gets extremely hot that more shade is a good idea. Of course sometimes full sunlight is not always a reality so fear not there are many plants that can grow in the shade. Just head down to the local nursery and ask them for advice they are usually very helpful.

The next thing to think about is the soil. The soil for your garden is the backbone of your greenery. A rotten bag of soil can really hamper your ability to grow anything and cause nothing but headaches. There are different types of soil for different gardens but one common thread is to completely strip your garden area off all debris with a garden tiller if you have one if not a shovel will work. If this is done correctly it will be the best preventative measure against bugs fungus and disease.

When growing a vegetable or an herb garden you will always want to shy away from normal fertilizers and pesticides. There are many organic and chemical free alternatives now on the market. A backyard compost heal works the best but wood much can also suffice. Using a garden tiller to ensure that the soil is mixed well is always recommended. For a standard plant garden that excludes edible plants you can pick and choose fertilizer based on the type of plants. Once again head down to the local nursery and ask them which ones work best for what plants. As previously stated a good ole garden hose might suffice to water a small garden but if it gets bigger a sprinkler system or a drip system should be installed.

A very good idea when planning your garden is to arrange the plants together in groups from small to large growth. The small ones in the front and the big ones in the back. That way you can utilize the space most efficiently. It is also very important to plant in the correct calender month. The perfect time is usually spring but it does very from plant to plant.

A few more notes about watering your garden are keep the water more in the hot months and less in the colder months. Automatic sprinkler systems can pretty much make gardens go on auto pilot . You can also install an automatic drip system. These are sometimes preferred because they are much more efficient due to the fact that they drop water right on the plant and do not water unnecessary area. I suggest installing on of these auto systems if your planting area gets big because it can take a load off!

To bring it all together… A garden can take some work but if you collect the right tools like a tiller and an automatic watering system it will make things easier. The four basic steps to a garden are: Find the perfect area for your garden, create and mix the soil that will be best for your garden, organize the plants by size and features, then plan how you are going to water that place. With a little bit of detective work and time you will have one bang up garden. i hope these gardening tips helped. For a more i depth look at gardening you can visit the site below.

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