Garden Style – Adding Style and Character to Your New Garden

Garden Style – Adding Style and Character to Your New Garden

Designing and new garden can seem like and overwhelming task but if you break it down into some key steps designing and decorating a new garden can be a very fun experience. If you are at the planning stages for a new garden start by collecting inspiration and specific garden design ideas from magazines and visiting gardens in your area. Once you have a notebook full of ideas it is time to start the layout process.

The key to a great garden really comes down to having a good blueprint that you can follow. The first step is to focus on the fundamentals of layout. Pay attention to fixed elements in and outside of the garden like access to water, the garden entrance and other fixed feature that you need to work around (trees, wall, fences, etc). Place all of the desired elements in different configurations on paper until you come up with a plan that feel like the winner.

You also need to pay attention to the way your layout will affect things like the look and feel of the garden. Do you have views that you want blocked and do you have a solution to that challenge? Do you want to have small intimate areas or large open spaces? Will you have color all year around with the plant selections that you made? Are things placed so that they get the right amount of sun or shade? Think about how you want to use the garden year round and throughout each day to make sure you maximize the space and sunlight.

Now that you have your foundation figured out, you can turn your attention to the architectural components of your design. When we talk about architectural components, we mean things like walls, gates, storage buildings and even trellises and garden furniture. These elements can really compliment or contrast with the desired style of your garden and because they are often larger pieces it is important to get them right.

Now we can move on to objects that are easy to add and change around. Small statues, gazing balls, flags, plaques and other items are easy to add and move around. You can also recycle various items into interesting accents like bowling balls, old garden tools and old kitchenware. These items can be easily over done, so think in terms of moderation.

Larger additions to your garden can create visual points of interest or even destination locations if you have a large garden area. Water features, garden benches, gazing balls, sun dials and large statues can all serve the purpose of larger anchor elements in your landscaping.

The finishing touch items to your garden decorating can be the most fun to choose and place in your garden. They are usually simple elements that add some color and tie together other items into a harmonious experience. Wall art for fences or buildings can provide a lot of style and make an otherwise unattractive area into a focal point. Judicious placement of garden stakes can take the same theme and place them into the middle of the garden area. Let your creativity take over and try a variety of items and mix and match until you are happy.

As you can see, adding design elements to your garden areas can be elaborate elements that start are the earliest design stages or simple visual elements that are easy to add or change out on a frequent basis. No matter the style you are trying to achieve, there are many options available to you to help you achieve your garden design goals.

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