Japanese Gardens are Ideal for Backyards

Japanese Gardens are Ideal for Backyards

Article by Caitlina Fuller

Gardens, built in empty backyards of houses provide peace and harmony. If a garden with few characteristics of nature is built in back of the house, its beauty glorifies the house and brings in serenity. Japanese water gardens are famous for their natural beauty built in backyards of Japanese style homes. These gardens are known for their natural outlook.

Japanese water gardens are popularly called as koi ponds. These watergarden ponds bring a beautiful look to your backyard. Japanese water garden pond consists of small fishes called koi. One special element of these water gardens is their noise level. People build these gardens to ensure silence in their backyard. They develop these gardens with utmost care by considering materials, which bring in beauty and silence. In order to build these gardens, you can use natural materials like plants and boulders. These things will reduce the space and lower the noise levels in backyard.

Before building these gardens you should think about the material to be used for building them. You should do lot of home work before building the garden. In order to match your garden theme you can buy pebble stones from the market; these stones will help you to decorate the outline of your garden according to your taste. Some of the great building elements which can help you in designing a pleasant natural garden are Bamboo screens, high stone walls and weathered wood.

This raised garden can be built without any assistance. All you need to build this garden is proper analysis and perfect plan. The layout of the pond plays an important role in the survival of koi fish. In order to build a Japanese garden you should use proper bricks and stones, which match the atmosphere. You can build this garden with fish or without fish. If you wish to have fish in the pond, then you should take special care about their survival. You should dig a pond, deep so that the fish wont die in winter. In the middle of the pond you can build a small island and place a lantern so that you can enjoy your evenings in that lantern light. There are several types of Japanese gardens. Most popular among them is Zen garden. Zen gardens are built with combinations of boulders, sand or gravel, moss and few trees and shrubs. Tea garden is another special Japanese garden which consists of an outer and inner garden.

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