Sad quotes about love

Sad quotes about love

Love is another important relationship to all people after friendship. Showing care as well as love to your beloved one will make you to enjoy, have fun, make you cry, depressed etc. Love has equal power that makes the people to show all sorts of feelings. This page will suit best to the readers who have experience in sorrows occurred in love. Some of the sad quotes about love that are going to be mentioned here will gain take you to the previous golden days before the sorrow started. These sad quotes will also help you in learning on purpose of life to live. The following are some of the sad quotes in love and they are:


1) Sadness can be said as the word that has got speechless expressions- People who are depressed with something will not have words to explain them because depression stops them in speaking.



2) Majority of the sadness’ have various meanings- As mentioned before, sadness would have a very deep meaning and majority of them could be expressed in very few words.



3) Expressing unlimited love will result in possessiveness- This is one of the wonderful sad quotes and this is the main reason for the relationship to get break.

Love is different from possessiveness but possessiveness occurs only because of love. Showing too much care as well as love will result in relationship break-up at a short period of time. Even relationship break-up is also possible if no proper care or love is shown. At the same time, excess love will make each other uncomfortable and results in unwanted fights during the initial stage.  Later on, silly fights will extend to major fights and chances are there for the relationship to get break.



4) It will be very painful when you do not know that the person whom you love is in love with you.


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