The Peaceful Mei Garden

The Peaceful Mei Garden

The Mei Garden otherwise known as Plum Garden sits on the north shores of the Tai Lake which is south of Dragon Hill. The garden is in close proximity to the ancient city of Wuxi in the Jiangsu Province, People’s Republic of China. Wuxi borders Suzhou to the east and Changzhou to the west, to the north is Taizhou and the southern border faces the province of Zhejiang. Historically the garden belonged to one of the most influential families in the region; in 1955 this family donated the garden to the Chinese government.

The garden is most visited when around 4000 fruit trees blossom, these trees are made up of nearly 40 varieties of plum trees making it a magnificent sight when in blossom during winter and early spring. This remarkable sight is said to inspire people especially poets. The gardens are also dotted with pavilions, tea-houses, pagodas and a museum that explains the significance of these plum blossoms to China and also the history of plum blossoms.

The gardens are a wonderful place to stroll in and have a relaxing picnic with family and friends, making it a popular tourist attraction for the visitors to the area.

The Wuxi New District was established in 1992 and is said to be one of the major industrial zones in China, here a wide variety of parts, equipment and components are manufactured which in turn are exported internationally. Together with its modern industrialisation, Wuxi still holds the charm of an ancient city and Lake Tai and the Mei Gardens play an important role in its beautiful landscape and scenery.

This major tourist spot invites travellers in the spring and autumn months and many of them stay in a Wuxi hotel .

It is not hard to find a hotel Wuxi that has a range of budget to luxury accommodation options; one such 5 star luxury hotel is the Millennium Wuxi. Located in the New District and is set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens. The 306 rooms and suites afford the ultimate in luxury and are well catered by an array of restaurants.

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