A Holistic Perspective Of Gardening

A Holistic Perspective Of Gardening

A holistic perspective seeks to discover the many interrelated parts of a system, as opposed to focusing on only one part. So holistic gardening looks at not only the biological aspect of gardening, but also the spiritual, mental, and economical aspects as well.

A healthy view of gardening naturally includes an awareness and acknowledgement of Yahweh’s role. Yahweh is the one true God who created heaven and earth, and who provides everything that we humans need for a successful garden: soil, seeds, nutrients, etc. Although Yahweh is involved in every garden, it is our acknowledgement of him and our invitation for his involvement that releases his natural and supernatural power to make the garden a complete success.

As children of Yahweh, we can begin to invite Yahweh’s involvement in our gardens by first expressing our gratitude to him. We can thank him for giving us land, water, seeds, and everything else. It is in that attitude of thanksgiving that we can then use our God-given authority to decree abundance and success upon our gardens. As children of Yahweh who follow him wholeheartedly, we can rest secure in the promise that he will give us success in everything we put our hands to (see Deuteronomy 8:18). That includes gardening!

That belief in his blessing upon all that we do is what gives us confidence in following his leading. There are many good ways to do gardening, which means we have many choices and decisions to make. Trusting Yahweh enables us to accurately hear his recommendations and to act upon those recommendations.

Another aspect of gardening is the mental and emotional part. Working with the soil, and being outside in Yahweh’s creation is a healthy way that we can express our thoughts and emotions. Maybe you’ve experienced the bliss of a bright and cheery sunrise, or the solace of a comforting sunset. These things are Yahweh’s way of expressing his thoughts to us. When we connect with his thoughts on a mental and emotional level, we connect with Yahweh. This healthy mental connection makes us better people. And thus, experiencing Yahweh in gardening is a beautiful opportunity for mental healing and regeneration.

Economically, gardening is a smart choice. We have to eat to survive. Instead of just working to make money, and then spending that money on food, owning a garden enables the average person to produce their own food at very little cost. That blessing makes us more secure and resilient, enabling us to be well provided for, whether the global economy is up or down.

Finally, there is the biological aspect of gardening. All other aspects of gardening – spiritual, mental and emotional, and economical – come together to enable the garden to flourish biologically. As you observe the biological manifestation of your garden – the plants, seeds, and produce – be sure to remember that it is all possible because of the many individual aspects. When you grow your own garden, not only do your plants grow, but so do you.

So feed your garden with love. Saturate it with Yahweh’s goodness. Sow in righteousness, and you will receive a harvest of abundance.

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