Benefits of Raised Gardening Beds

Benefits of Raised Gardening Beds

Due to the fact that we humans have been planting for food since the beginning of the creation, we shouldn’t be surprised that there are quite a number of methods people used for establishing gardens. While modern ways of gardening are not essentially designed just for the purpose of producing fruits and vegetables, this did not lessen the number of methods in gardening. Some methods like the use of raised gardening beds, have plenty of benefits.

Before talking about those benefits of the raised gardening beds, let us first discuss about what are garden beds and how they are being formed.

Raised gardening beds are just very simple structures used to hold garden soil where the framework is positioned on the surface of the existing soil. With these beds, you can move your garden to a better location if you see that the beds doesn’t have enough sunlight. This type of garden structures are very beneficial especially for those who lived in condominiums or for those who are renting apartments that has no backyard soil, as long as the property have a patio area.

There are actually quite a number of kinds of raised gardening beds, but the one thing that is common amongst all of those gardens is the fact that they contain added soil placed on top of the existing surface. In most cases, the surface is nothing more than just packed soil, but in other cases, the soil can be added on top of the cement bricks or some other surfaces.

The first benefit of raised gardening beds is variable height. Some people do not enjoy spending a great deal of time bending over in their gardens or even resting on their knees. This types of gardens can be very useful by creating it in such a way that it is height-appropriate for the gardener. Various heights can also be appealing in sight most especially when your garden is full blooming.

In certain areas that the water drainage is poor, raised gardening beds plays a very important role as it allows better drainage. It also helps to improve moisture retention and much better development of plant roots because of the less compaction of the soil.

Another huge benefit of raised gardening beds is it’s easier accessibility and weed control. Controlling the conditions of the soil can reduce weeds significantly thus creating space for more plants which can increase your yields. It is also easier to treat sick plants if it is separated into raised beds. Because the raised beds have warmer soil especially during springtime, it enable you to plant much earlier in season.

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