Four Practical Methods Through Which You Can Acquire Gardening Equipment

Four Practical Methods Through Which You Can Acquire Gardening Equipment

Article by Donald Dubay

There are some four practical methods through which you can acquire gardening equipment. We will be exploring the said four methods briefly. With respect to each method, we will be looking at several things. Firstly, we will be looking at what each gardening equipment acquisition method would involve (that is, what each of these four methods entails). Secondly, we will be seeking to understand what the pros and cons of each method are. Without further ado, we come to learn that you can acquire gardening equipment:

1. By going ahead and making an outright purchase: this method is self-explanatory. The procurement process will probably start with identification of the gardening equipment items you need. The second step in the process is normally that of identifying a suitable supplier. And the third step is normally that of making the actual order. When you opt to acquire the gardening equipment you need by making an outright purchase, you have to be ready to expend a huge figure of money (depending on the type of equipment you need). But then having made the purchase, you own the equipment, and you will never have to make any further payment on account of the equipment – that is, with the exception of the nominal sums of money you’ll occasionally have to spend on maintenance. And since you own the equipment fully in this case, you get to use it whenever you want, however you want.Thus, the advantage here is that you get to use the equipment at your convenience, as you own it fully. Another advantage is that you save money in the long run. The disadvantage is in the fact that you have to spend a huge sum of money at a go (that is, in other words, you have to make a huge capital expenditure, to acquire the equipment).

1. By getting into some sort of a lease agreement: there are some people who own all types of gardening equipment from which they make money by leasing out to others. When you get into a lease agreement, you get to ‘sub-own’ the leased gardening equipment, for the period of time that the lease runs. But this arrangement means that you have to keep on making regular payments, to renew the leases as they expire. Thus, the advantage here is in the fact that you still get to use the equipment conveniently, whenever and however you want (as you ‘sub-own’ it during the lease duration), without really having expended money purchasing it. On the downside, you end up expending very much money in the long run, renewing the leases as they expire. That is money you could as well spend on the purchase of your own gardening equipment.

1. By getting into a rental agreement: there are other people who own gardening equipment which they, however, don’t lease. Instead they only rent out the equipment for short durations (sessions).The advantage to acquiring gardening equipment by renting it is that you get to use the (often expensive) gardening equipment without spending huge sums of money buying it. On the downside, this arrangement is often very expensive (when you make proper calculations, taking a long-term perspective). Still on the downside, this particular arrangement can subject you to considerable inconveniences. That would be, for instance, when you desire to use the equipment, only to learn that it has been rented out to someone else on that particular day (and you have to wait).

1. By engaging a service provider with own equipment: it emerges that there are some people who provide gardening services (as their core business). Many of these have their own complete gardening equipment sets. Upon engaging them, they come to your garden with the equipment they own. On the upside, this approach too makes it possible for you to avoid incurrence of huge capital expenditure that would be inevitable if you were to make an outright purchase of gardening equipment. On the downside, this arrangement actually means that the gardening service providers you engage leave with their equipment the moment their contract expires. In other words, it is an unreliable way to acquire gardening equipment.

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