Garden Weddings

Garden Weddings

Article by Dennis Estrada

After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom usually takes the guests and sponsors to the beautiful garden for wedding photographs. The garden weddings give the extra convenience as the wedding ceremony, photograph sessions, and wedding reception can be one romantic wedding venue.The decorations are built in. The team of professional gardeners and botanists maintains the lush green enchanting garden. Thousands of flowers, shrubs, and trees are planted thru out the entire year. The garden are regularly trimmed, manicured, watered, feed, renovated, and repaired.The garden weddings are legal in the US. Unlike Europe, the gardens which are design to handle spectacular weddings are a few numbers only. In Europe, many estates from different era are turned into garden hotels. Due to lack of garden for weddings in the US, the bride and groom turn to public garden, university campus, and national park.The Mirabell Garden of Austria is unparallel in Europe. The garden sits beside the Mirabell Castle, while the fountains sit in the fortress of Salzburg. In addition, the Marble Hall of Schloss can handle the wedding ceremony.The gardens of Sequim, Washington are award winning. It is warm for three hundred days a year. The view of Olympic Mountain are just plain stunningly gorgeous. The mountain shades the location from the rain. The award winning garden only gets thirteen inches of rain per year.Even though the gardens are quite few in the US, the few gardens can handle the perfect outdoor setting with the convenience of the indoor setting. The guests adorn the freshly cut wedding flowers on each table. The lush green garden and courtyards provide a large dance floor and entertainment. The chef prepares the delicious appetizers, meals, and desserts. The full bar quenches the thirst from every exquisite dishes on the wedding reception.Now, the outdoor gardens with indoor capability are able to handle the weather related problems. The portable fans cools off the summer heat in spring and summer wedding, while the portable heater warms up the chilly wind in winter and fall wedding. The garden drainage takes the extra moisture and water in soft areas. The rows of plants and shade cloths break the strong wind. The hard surfaces convert to a path. For soft areas, a temporary carpet creates the romantic paths.The different styles of garden are available for the lovely wedding. The bride and groom can choose from Japanese, tropical, ponds, fountains, classical, rose, and trees garden.

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