Landscape Design Gardening – 4 Most Important Things To Keep In Mind!

Landscape Design Gardening – 4 Most Important Things To Keep In Mind!

We will try to throw sufficient light onto the art of landscape design gardening in this article. We will review the basis, various stages and factors that need consideration in the process of landscape design gardening.

Landscape Design Gardening: Don’t rush to the store unless sure

Landscape design gardening is an activity that involves meticulous planning followed by step-by-step strict adherence to a plan. An ideal landscape design gardening plan comprises of four stages starting from planning, moving onto designing based on the plan, followed by implementation of the designs and concluding with the management of the whole project to ensure that the work is carried out in confirmation to the plan. When you?re involved in landscape design gardening, you should never feel overwhelmed by the many requirements that surface regularly, and rush to the store to procure them. Unless the materials find a mention in the plan, you must not go ahead and purchase them in a hurried manner.

All Terrain

Landscape gardening designs must be based entirely of the kind of terrain that is under consideration. Whether you are landscaping huge areas like acreage around a building or smaller ones like a households backyard, the type of terrain will determine the final look of the landscape design. If the terrain is large enough, one can play around with many options, however, smaller terrains have limited choices to work around with. The soil of the land under consideration can be rocky, sandy or even with a lot of clay. It can be a slope, raised or plain flat. All these factors will also play a significant role in going about the task of landscape designing.

Geometrical Considerations

When working on a landscape design gardening project, one can play around with a lot of permutations and combinations of geometrical figures to come up with the best overall look for the landscaped garden. Following are some of the sample shapes:

– Ponds and plant beds in circles - Borders and paths in Curves - Patios and plant beds in squares - Walkways in a straight line - Pruned bushes in the shape of a cone - Elliptical plant beds - Corner beds in the shape of a triangle

Order is the name of the game

One can venture into several gardening options at the time of preparing the landscape designs. However, it should be known that all such options may not necessarily be concerning the types of plants alone. When it comes to landscape gardening, the actual positioning of the plants is in fact more important than the plants themselves. One can either go about placing the plants in a planned manner or just randomly. There are few other questions that can also be explored when working on the landscape designs. They are: Whether there is a provision for walkways adjacent to low lying plants in the garden or not? Are the waterfalls natural or artificial in nature? If natural, are they running into ponds that may need to be populated with aquatic plants and animals? One just needs to run ones imagination to get creative with the landscape designs! However, if not worked on in an orderly manner, the landscape designs can go haywire easily.

If approached in a careful manner, landscape design gardening can reap rich dividends in the form of a prized look for ones garden. By paying attention to important factors like terrains, geometrical shapes, plant placements etc. the beauty of a garden can be multiplied many times. A well-planned landscape designing approach will always keep you occupied and enthusiastic to achieve the best results.

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