Selecting Gardening Seeds

Selecting Gardening Seeds

Selecting the right gardening seeds can make the difference in how your garden produces. Choose good seeds and your garden will flourish. Make a wrong decision and your results will be less than spectacular.

Gardening seeds that are not fresh, left over from a previous planting season many times will not produce as beautiful and healthy plants as those which are harvested for the current planting season. The best way to know if they are fresh is to ask your retailer when they are harvested and do they have a guarantee. You always want to purchase the freshest and healthiest seeds for your garden.

If you are looking to plant a flower garden then you should have an idea of how you want your garden to look. You can draw your plan an then using colored pencils, shade in the color you want in each area. This will help you choose the right gardening seeds according to the look you want. Many gardeners will clump specific selections in an area for a bold splash of color while others may scatter the various seeds for a what I call a “free form” garden. Either style will always begin with selecting the right gardening seeds.

Flower gardens are the most common type of garden. For every type of flower there is of course a seed and when planted in the proper soil and conditions you can expect a beautiful garden. There are various seasons when each seed is to be planted but it is the spring garden that I like best as many do. You don’t have to wait until spring to select your seeds since there are many online outlets for huge selections at great savings.

I hope that you will choose your gardening seeds wisely and that your garden is the envy of all your neighbors.

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