Using Solar Lights in Gardens

Using Solar Lights in Gardens

If you want to find a way to light up your garden to make it unique and environmentally friendly, solar garden lights are the right choice. It is easy to install solar lighting, moreover, it has zero ongoing cost, and does not use up natural resources.

Everyone is familiar with the traditional post style solar lights, and these are certainly a good way to light up a garden edging strip or a pathway in your yard. However there is an increasing range of alternative designs that can be use in different places in your yard.


Solar string lights

Strings of solar lights connected to a single base unit with the batteries and solar cells are a good way to decorate a small area like a patio or gazebo. You can also use them to wind up tree branches and along rockery edgings.

A similar design is the solar tube light, which is a single waterproof tube containing LED’s. These are a good way to decorate a water feature.


Solar spotlights

Solar spotlights are a good alternative to traditional power hungry mains spotlights. These often come in sets of three and are good to use for illuminating features in your garden like lawn areas or dramatic trees.


Feature lights

There is a huge range of lights that have been cleverly built in to statues, bird baths, and even imitation stones. These can vary widely in price, but you can certainly pick up good brands for less than $ 60. These are a unique way to light up your garden without any obvious source of light!


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