Is Your Garden Prepared For The Wet, Wild, Winter Season?

Winter is here and that means that unfortunately, your garden is vulnerable to a whole range of nasty problems. You might have to deal with flooding, storm damage as well as lack of heat and light for your most treasured plant life. Through the winter it’s quite common for days to pass where no sunlight manages to slip past those rain clouds. It can leave your garden looking like a plant graveyard by the time the season is over.

Luckily, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your garden and your plants are ready for winter. Let’s have a look at some of the best options right now.

Get A Greenhouse
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If you have plants and vegetation that you want to protect from the winter season of snow, sleet, rain, and hail your best option is to buy a greenhouse. Greenhouses come in all different types of shapes and sizes. You can purchase a patio greenhouse which is really more like a stack of confined shelves. Or, you can purchase a full sized greenhouse for all your plant life if your garden is big enough. If you have a conservatory you can even move your plants in there until spring arrives. Make sure that you water them regularly and you’ll be able to keep the vital parts of your backyard healthy, indoors.

Be aware that if you are setting up an outdoor greenhouse you need to make sure it can withstand the full force of the elements. Don’t make the mistake of setting something up that will fold like paper under the slightest amount of wind.

Light It Up

One of the biggest issues for gardeners through the winter months is that the sun all but disappears. It can be difficult to ensure that your plants get the amount of light that they need. The good news is that there is an alternative to waiting for the sun to appear again. Instead, you can get artificial lighting for your plants. If you have a look at a site such as Lumi Growth, you’ll see that you can get a light that provides all the different colours of the spectrum. This ensures that your plants can get the right amount of light, whatever that may be.

Get Some New Fertiliser

If your plants are struggling to grow through winter, you might want to think about investing in some new fertiliser. Plants are like any other living thing. They need the right food and resources to survive, particularly when their climate becomes more difficult to manage. By investing in some new fertiliser, you can help give your plants the nutrients that they need to survive. You can find out how to choose a fertiliser at

Buy Some New Winter Plants

Or finally, there are some garden plants and trees that will thrive quite happily through the winter months and ensure your garden still looks lush and beautiful. Why not bring a little bit of Christmas back to your garden through the year by replanting your old Christmas tree? It is possible that a tree like this can indeed continue to grow once it is replanted back in the soil. Give it a try, and it could become the centrepiece of your winter garden. Have a look at Garden of Eaden for advice on Christmas Tree replanting.

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