Putting in a Pool: Think of These Things First

If you love gardening, a large portion of your yard is likely dedicated to plants. You don’t want to use all of the space for other things and give up the chance to enjoy your passion. However, a garden is usually about more than plants. Your outdoor space is somewhere you can relax and have fun, not just attend to your flowers. There’s likely to be something you or your family wants to include that doesn’t grow out of the ground. A swimming pool is a popular choice for many people, particularly in warmer climates. But if you want one, you need to think about how it’s going to affect your garden.

Size, Shape, and Cost

If you have already landscaped your garden, putting in a pool is going to be a significant change. You’re going to have to replace something, whether it’s part of a lawn, patio, or even some precious flower beds. The first thing to start thinking about is the location and size of your pool. You want it to be a part of your existing space, not something that looks like it has just been awkwardly placed wherever it would fit. If you’re not making other major changes to your yard, you have to choose a shape and design that will work with your current theme. Of course, you also need to consider your budget.

Landscaping Around a Pool

When you put a pool in, you don’t want to give up your gardening. But a pool can make a great feature around which to put your plants and other features. You might want to start off thinking about non-biological matter, though. You will probably want some kind of paving or a patio around the pool. This a great place to think about putting potted plants and planters. Many people pick lots of foliage, both for privacy and aesthetic reasons. It’s best to avoid having anything like cacti, which could catch on skin or bathing suits.

Your Pool Throughout the Year

You obviously want to make the most of your pool, but it’s not always the best weather for swimming. If you live somewhere where it gets a little cool, pool heaters can help you use your pool more often. Even when it’s not as hot as you would like, you can still ensure the pool is comfortable for a swim. However, if your winters are colder, you might not be able to use your pool when the temperature drops. You might have to cover it up instead.

Pool Care and Safety

Taking care of your pool is essential. Keeping it clean is one of your top priorities so that you can continue to enjoy your swimming whenever you want to. Taking the cost of pool care into account is important. You also need to think about safety, which is where a fence and a pool cover are necessary. And it’s not just your kids you need to worry about. A pool is usually seen as an “attractive nuisance,” which means that if a child happens to wander into your garden and fall in, you could be to blame. So make sure you take strong precautions.

A pool can be a great addition to your garden but you need to think carefully about it before you install one.

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