Green Fingered Gloves: Make the Most of Your Garden in Winter

Many people think of gardening as an activity only worth doing in summer, or certainly one that is not worth doing when temperatures start to plummet and the sun starts to set a little earlier. However, your outdoor space can add so much to your home all year round – and there are ways that you can make it look fabulous even in winter. So, if want your garden to look its best, whatever the weather, here are some tips for managing your outdoor space in colder times.  

Choose your plants wisely

The main issue with gardening in winter is keeping things alive, but there are a few tricks available to you. Firstly, you could opt to grow hardy plants that survive all year, like evergreen shrubs, ensuring that you maintain some colour even if it starts snowing.

Another option is growing vegetables that thrive in colder conditions. Onions, garlic, peas, broad beans and many other delicious items can be grown in winter, so get planting! Your winter garden could keep your food cupboard full and save you from a trip to the shops.

Maximise the daylight hours

One of the major challenges to using your garden during winter is the lack of hours where the sun is shining. If you are keen to maintain your lawn and keep your flowers healthy, getting up early on your weekends is vital in order to make sure you get the job done before night draws in.

If, on the other hand, you want to make the most of your garden regardless of the early sunset, there a few options available to you. Investing in Solar Powered Decking Lights will let you use your outdoor space after dark – and even the limited sunshine we get in the UK will be enough to provide you with the energy! An outdoor heater will also help keep you and your friends warm when you want to pop outside to admire those crisp, clear winter skies.

Change your style

Winter brings with it a completely different atmosphere when compared to the summer and you can reflect this with your garden decorations. Embrace wintry colours like silver and white to compliment the outdoor frost.

What’s more, if your plants are struggling in the lower temperatures, make the most of your garden ornaments to compensate. Adding some colourful ribbon to a pedestal or using a bird feeder to attract some wildlife to your garden are both  great ways of injecting some vibrancy into your outdoor space. Although you may have to work a bit harder in winter, there’s no reason your garden can’t look just as stylish as it does in summer.

Your garden can provide an area for socialising with friends, a place to throw snowballs with your kids or simply fill you with pride as you look out your window with a cup of coffee in hand. Whatever you use your outdoor space for, don’t let it go unappreciated in the winter months – there’s plenty you can do with your garden all year round, although you may have to wrap up extra warm!


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