Garden Additions You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Almost everyone loves having a garden to enjoy. The long and lazy summer evenings full of barbecue food and cold drinks. The shorter, chillier winter nights full of the smells of fireworks and mini bonfires.

Gardens have the ability to be a magical place, especially for children, and if there is one part of your home that will always need some love and attention, it’s the garden.

The way you decorate your garden and have it laid out is very individual. Some people hate the idea of a green garden lawn that is bordered with flowers. Others hate the idea of a concrete back yard that has no colour. The way you choose to decorate your garden will reflect your personality, your family situation and how busy you are.

You may find it harder to keep up the pace with a fully green garden as it takes a lot of upkeep, so in that case a garden with concrete slabs or artificial grass like this would work for you.

When it comes to adding things to your garden to give it some personality, check out our top ideas below so you can inject a little something into your private outdoor space.

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Whether you build the deck with the best decking timber yourself, or hire in professionals to do it for you, a deck can give your garden character. It’s not just used as a space to dine outside, but as a play space for kids and somewhere you can sit and bathe in the summer sunshine.

Decking often gives a garden a look of wealth, and it’s something those with a little spare income can afford.

Play Centre

If you have children, then you’ll need a centre of pure playtime for them to enjoy. Swings, slide and a climbing frame set like this can make a garden look enjoyable – especially if one day you sell on.

If your garden doesn’t have the space for a large play frame, then think about smaller garden toys like mud kitchens and sand pits so that the kids can still enjoy the space.

Vegetable Garden

You can have a concrete garden and still have a vegetable patch where you can grow your own organic vegetables. A garden that has the capacity to grow fruit or vegetables is a valuable one, as you can save yourself a lot of money on your grocery shopping!


There are so many different ways you can light the back of the house, from motion sensor lights to fire pits and solar lighting. There’s a massive range of choices that you can buy for the garden and you can make your lighting as bright or as ambient as you choose.

Every garden needs decent lighting and it should be a priority when it comes to decorating the outside of the home. Solar lights are also perfect for lining the path at the front of the house, but that’s a whole other article!

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