Turning Your Garden Into a Business

Starting a home business is something that many of us would love to do. Often, it’s coming up with the initial idea, or at least an idea that we think could be profitable, that holds us back. Often it is best to think about something that you enjoy and even love to do, but that you can do comfortably from home. This can be even harder if you are short on space. 

If you love being outdoors and have a large garden, a home office certainly isn’t your only option. If you’ve got plenty of outdoor space, there may be some ways that you can turn your garden into a money-making business. Let’s take a look at some great ideas. 

Grow Plants to Sell

If your garden is a beautiful paradise, filled with different colours and scents, and you feel that you have a real talent for growing plants, do you think that you could sell to other people? Starting a small business selling plants directly from your garden can be very successful, especially if you can offer a delivery service. 

Advertise Your Gardening Skills

Could your garden be your base? You could work as a gardener, working on other people’s land, using your own garden to grow plants and flowers so that they are ready to move, and even to advertise your skills to prospective clients. Think of your garden as your portfolio. 

Start a Florist Business

If you’ve got a keen eye for detail and an excellent sense of which flowers work well together, you could perhaps start a florist business based in your home garden. You may need a workshop too, but you could do a lot in your outdoor space. 

Start a Farm

If you have a large garden, could a farm be an option? You could farm animals, crops, both, or another speciality product. You could be a small, specialist farm, with a trendy farm shop or a farm that welcomes visitors for tours. If you’ve got the space for domestic sheds and either crops or animals, you are keen to work hard and love being outdoors; this could be a great option. 

Rent It Out

If you are looking for more passive ways to make money from your garden, without having to put much effort in, could you hire it out for events, such as weddings and other parties? If you’ve got a large, attractive space, and you don’t mind welcoming other people into it, this could be a great money maker. 

Become a Dog Trainer

If you are a dog lover, do you think that you might have the skills needed to become a trainer? A large garden could be the perfect space to work in. 

Create an Outdoor Office

Working in your garden doesn’t have to mean working with your garden. Add a workshop or office to your garden to facilitate a different kind of home business. Many people find that working outdoors helps them to become more creative and productive. 

Working outdoors can be an excellent way to make money, and being able to do it in your garden can be the very best of working from home. 

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