How to Choose the Perfect African-style Garden Gazebo

by floato

How to Choose the Perfect African-style Garden Gazebo  

Choosing an African Gazebo for your garden can be quite a complicated ordeal not only do you have to weigh budget against quality but you also need to consider shape,style and which accessories you need to choose.The good news is that whilst Gazebos come in a range of materials,the finest are normally constructed using quality timbers.Wooden Gazebos do tend to look more like their authentic African counterparts and when looking or that authentic African style it can only be truly replicated using traditional timbers.

Wooden Garden gazebos can also blend in with their natural surroundings or form a centre piece to a contemporary landscape garden.Wooden garden gazebos also have minimal upkeep as long as they are constructed using quality materials that are treated for exterior use.

The Oasis is our latest introduction to the Breeze House collection, it is an ideal bijou size and is perfect for that morning coffee break, tea for two in the afternoon or a glass of wine with friends in the evening.The Oasis has been built to the same exacting standards as all of our Breeze Houses and comes as standard with a metal framework roof and thatch tiles or a timber roof and Cedar shingles.It can comfortably accommodate 4 and has been designed to incorporate circular bench seats and a 76cm circular table.Our new building will create an idyllic oasis in a corner of your garden for those long, warm, happy summer evenings with friends and family.

It can be best to decide on how you’re going to use your luxury garden gazebo prior to deciding on its exact location.If using it as a relaxation area you may wish to be further away from your property than if you are using it as a social/barbequing area.Traditional African Huts are always round or oval and are constructed using thatched or thatch tiles.You should look for these qualities when buying an African style garden hut or gazebo.The styles of Garden Gazebos or Garden Huts vary dramatically,whilst sticking to African-style authentication it can be worthwhile mixing in a few modern and contemporary twists.Such as modern furniture, heaters and spindles.

The good news is that UK Garden Gazebo manufacturer Breeze House has made it even easier to choose your perfect African-style garden gazebo/hut.On their website you can build your dream luxury garden gazebo and see a 3D model of how it will look once constructed.


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