Beginners Guide for Flower Garden

Beginners Guide for Flower Garden

Beginners Guide for Flower Garden

Flower gardening is an exciting hobby that many people are undertaking as a pastime. People consider that flower gardening means just planting the flower plants and watering them. For the beautiful and attractive flower garden, it is important for you to follow all the flower gardening tips. These tips will help you design an effective flower garden with beautiful blooming flowers.

There are many things that one needs to consider when thinking of planting a garden. Initially one should inspect the garden area and decide on what type of garden you want to design. Following are some gardening tips that will help the beginners for planting a flower garden.

Beginners Tips for Planting Flower Garden

Garden Area

Inspect the area where you want to plant your flower garden. If you have enough space in your backyards, it will be the most suitable place for your garden. But don’t worry if you don’t have a spacious backyard, you can even plant a flower garden in your balcony. Make sure that the area you select for your garden is well equipped with the drainage and water facilities. Also make sure that the garden area receives full sunlight for the maximum time of the day. If you are planting in the containers and pots in your balcony, you can move them in the sunlight during day hours.


Garden Design

Decide on what type of garden design you want for your garden. You can draw a rough sketch on paper for the design and see of the area you have chosen is suitable for such kind of design. Keep sufficient space in between the garden for walking and watering the plants. You can plant the small and attractive bushes for making fences for your garden.

Choosing the Flower Plants

Selecting the flowering plants for growing in your garden is another important consideration before planting a flower garden. You should select the plants that grow well in your area’s climatic conditions. Roses are the best choice for every type of environment. Along with roses, the combination of lilies and daisies can give a beautiful look to your garden. Every type flower plants have different water and food requirements. Hence, it is important to select the plants with similar requirements. This will enhance the overall growth of all the flower plants.

Preparing the Flower Bed

Inspect the garden area and remove all the weeds from the area where you want to plant the garden. You can do this in two ways – either by removing the weeds with hands or using the herbicides to kill the weeds. Then you can plow the land or dig the soil for about feet. Add the natural mulch and organic fertilizers or compost to the soil. Mulching will avoid the further growth of weeds in your garden area and natural compost will help to increase the nutrient contents in the soil. This will be beneficial in the plant growth.

Planting the Seeds

You can sow the seeds by pressing them two to three inches inside the soil. Water the area gently after sowing the seeds. During early days after planting, water the area daily. You can water the plant alternately after few days of growth.

Plucking the Flowers

Cut the dead branches and twigs from the plants immediately or it may haunt the proper growth of the plant. Pluck the flowers when they bloom completely and do not keep them on plant for long time after blooming.

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