Organic Home Gardening – The Sit Back and Relax Technique for Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

Organic Home Gardening – The Sit Back and Relax Technique for Growing Organic Vegetables at Home

Article by Rob Ethrington

The organic home gardening technique that I’ve been using in recent months has been amazing. In fact, my garden can now grow organic vegetables more efficiently than ever before.

You know, I can sit back and relax for weeks or months and my garden still produces food in a very prolific way.

So how is this possible?

Okay, this is made possible through the use an ecological micro-eco system gardening technique known simply as ecological gardening.

I absolutely enjoy this form of organic home gardening because it’s almost hands-free in terms of care and maintenance.

Simply put, if you adopt the ecological gardening technique, you can just sit back, relax and your organic garden will still be able to yield lots of fresh, healthy, tasty and juicy organic vegetables including pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, lettuce and more.

As long as you apply the ecological gardening principles in the correct fashion, your garden will continue to produce high amount of organic foods with very little interference on your part.

So what is ecological gardening?

Well, it’s basically a technique that enables your vegetable garden to behave exactly the same way as a natural habitat.

So why do we want our organic home garden to mimic natural habitat?

Okay, I want you to imagine a large rainforest tree falling to the ground after years of standing tall. Now imagine the empty niche space left by the tree.

It’s a very large niche space. So will weeds spring out of this empty niche space? The answer is no. Instead hundreds, perhaps thousands of inactive seeds that were lying in the soil will spring to life.

They fill the niche space that was previously occupied by the fallen rainforest tree. Harmony is reestablished once the niche space is filled.

Now the same effect can be achieved for organic home gardening. This means that you can have a vegetable garden that doesn’t require weeding, no pesticides application, no digging, no resting beds, no crop rotation etc.

So how do we set up a vegetable garden that follows the ecological gardening rules?

You can start by using a planting system that mimics a natural ecosystem. Basically, you plant a variety of edible plants in a very compact way – leave no empty niche space!

This kind of planting system also produces an array of highly protected micro-climates. So your plants will last much longer because of this.

Come hot spell, your green won’t simply bolt to seed while those cold sensitive plants get much more protection.

And that’s not all…

This planting system also makes for a solid and natural form of pest management therefore the use of pesticides is completely unnecessary.

By the way, if you’re interested in using eco organic home gardening method to grow more vegetables with minimal work, just watch the complete video tutorials on how to set it up.

The download details for step-by-step video series can be found at

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