Getting Your Garden Ready To Meet your Friends

Gardens are usually nice big open spaces that require a bit of work before they can be fully utilised for group activities. Now that it’s summertime, more and more people are using their gardens by inviting friends and family over to have a barbecues, a party or even just relaxing together.

You have to be honest with yourself self here, simply sitting in your garden and not doing much is a little boring, so it’s a good idea to try and add as much fun and entertainment to your garden as possible.

Declutter Your Garden

The first thing you want to do is declutter the garden. Get rid of any nasty all-plastic furniture, clean up the lawn a little and remove any large bushes or plants that serve no purpose other than to force you to water them.

A garden, especially if it’s being used for entertainment, doesn’t need to have lots of fancy plants and trees to make it good. Store any of your large appliances in the shed (if you have one, or use the garage)

Now, let’s get started with these simple additions that will make your backyard perfect for parties.

Adding Entertainment

Right now you should be thinking about group entertainment. Heres a list of some of the best basketball hoops in ground that are on the market today. Basketball is one of the most fun social activities that you could have in the yard.

There’s very little chance that the ball will smash a window or fly into someone else’s backyard since it’s constantly being controlled, you only need a single hoop if it’s just for recreational purposes, and everyone can join in whether they’re young or an adult.

Other sporting goods you could add include a football/soccer goal, but that would need to be placed so that the ball doesn’t fly through someone’s window. This can often be difficult, which is why it’s not as popular as a basketball net.

Adding Cooking Appliances

Next, you want to add some kind of cooking appliance to the garden. If your grill hasn’t been replaced for a long time, then you might want to give it a nice scrub to clean off any dirt and grime that’s caked on it.

If that’s too much work or if it’s dirty beyond cleaning, then you may want to consider just buying a new grill instead. Make sure you buy a good model that will last a long time and maintain it this time instead of waiting for it to pile on dirt and grime.

With regular use and cleaning, it should last a very long time but if you need to store it away for a while, make sure it’s packed away securely.

Adding Furniture

Lastly, you want to add some furniture. Unless of course you want your guests to stand or be forced to sit on that dirty plastic furniture I told you to throw out earlier.

Don’t cheap out if you plan to host a lot of parties, you want to ensure that your guests are comfortable in your garden, get some [amazon_textlink asin=’B00WZJ0T4G’ text=’luxurious garden furniture’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’mygardening411-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’a5b94748-60f0-11e7-888f-978a6196acde’] that is both weather and waterproof.

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