Kerb Appealing Front Garden Tips

Your front garden is very different in the way you maintain and look after them compared to your backyard. Rather than being a place where you go to relax, it is mainly to give your house kerb appeal and a welcoming environment to come back to. In fact, you will probably see your front garden a lot more often than your backyard as you will pass by every single time you enter or exit your home. So, here is some useful advice for keeping it at its best.

Check Out the Surrounding Scene

Every road has a specific ‘look’, and it many ways you are restricted in what you can do as you don’t want to break the mould too much. You can still raise the tone of the street if it is not the best-kept by making your front garden look smart and tidy. However, if all your neighbours have put in a huge amount of effort, you will need to work a little bit harder to make yours stand out from the crowd.

Provide Symmetry and Structure

When you are just starting out styling your front garden, giving it a sense of symmetry and structure is a good base to work from. Make sure that your flower beds are well-defined and planted in straight lines. When you are positioning potted plants, lighting or lawn ornaments, do so in a way that provides order. For example, you could have one big plant on either side of the entryway.

Signal Where People Should Go

Your front garden layout should be naturally leading people towards the front door. The simplest way of doing this is with a clear path that leads through the centre. Perhaps you could make it even more obvious with colourful flowers on either side. When people get to the entrance, give them a good first impression with bold lighting, a well-kept front door, a welcome mat and any other decorative features that you would like to put there.

Maintain Regularly

All gardens require a great deal of maintenance, but your front garden is the star of the show so needs that extra bit of TLC. Keep the trees well-pruned so that they are not blocking the view of your house. Find out more on Arboriculture if you need assistance with this. Mow your lawn regularly during the warmer months and keep everything well-watered so that it all looks as fresh and vibrant as possible.

Work with the House

To start off with, all planting should be done high between the windows and low in front of them. Try to accentuate the good features of your home rather than blocking them out entirely. Keep the spacing standardised so that it looks like everything has been well-considered.

Look after your front garden and your house will instantly become the envy of your street. These tips should provide you with the basic tools that you need to do this.      

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