Gardening Without a Garden: What You Need To Know

Gardening is a great hobby to have, and all gardeners, both professional and casual, know this. However, what happens when you move to a property without a garden? It seems a shame to let your favourite pastime go to waste, so here are some tips for gardening without a garden, and instead in the comfort of your home. 

A Light Source

Growing inside means you miss out on the consistent light source that outdoor gardens thrive in. Your best bet is to position your pots near a window or even make use of a balcony. However, if you don’t have these options, then you’ll need to invest in a grow light, which is available at this link: Grow lights offer the right light source to support plants through their entire life cycle, and as long as you’ve got a lamp to house it, you’ll enjoy a successful grow. 

Space to Grow

Another thing to remember is the amount of space your plant will take up. Smaller plants, herbs, and flowers won’t be a problem. But the trouble comes when you want to add some tropical flavor to your home. These plants, typically, are larger, and while they require less maintenance, they can soon get out of hand. If you’ve moving into a cramped city apartment, perhaps small and simple is better for you. 

The Right Plants

Speaking of which plants to grow, it’s not only about the space they could take up but also which plants will be most beneficial for your lifestyle. If you’re already an avid gardener, it’s likely that you often have things on hand whenever cooking or creating. Consider this when moving and deciding which plants are right to have in your home.

Growing fruit and vegetables, or herbs and spices will save you running to the store too often, whereas more colorful plants will make your home brighter and more inviting. 

The Proper Temperature

Growing plants isn’t as much of a science as baking is or keeping wine in perfect condition. However, you should still consider how warm your home will be to ensure they thrive. Typically, the majority of plants can grow between 65 and 75 Fahrenheit, so if you’re someone who always feels cold and likes to ramp the heating up, you may need to throw on a sweater once the temperature turns. 

A Splash of Creativity

Gardening can be as much of an art as dancing, music, or painting, and it’s your creativity that can help your indoor garden transform into more than a mere hobby. Take advantage of old and disused everyday household items of clothing to add some personality to your indoor garden.

Not only will you save money on elaborate flower pots, but you’ll also do your bit to help the environment by recycling over creating more waste.  

Gardening Guru

Whether you’ve settled in an apartment temporarily or for the long haul, it’s still possible to keep your fingers green and grow plants that can add a splash of color to the home. Often, inside gardening is less hassle, and drives you to get creative, meaning you’ll be ready for any situation at your next place. 

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